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Broadway Bitches specializes in difficult dogs. In order to ensure safety and protect our clients, their  animals and the reputation of BB we have created this code of conduct. We ask all of our contractors to abide by this code.

•    Maintain safety, structure, and order of the pack during walks without using force.

•    Be mindful and respectful of the clients’ homes.

•    Respect the dog and their individual needs.

•    NEVER allow anyone to touch the dogs in our pack!

•    NEVER allow our dogs to interact with dogs who are not members of our pack. - No dog run.

•    Avoid waking clients’ dogs along busy streets or through densely populated areas

•    Have each clients’ dog attached to their person while outside of the clients’ home.

•    Keep open communication with dispatch.

•    NO smoking or vaping while with a client.  The use of alcohol or narcotics before or during a visit with a client is grounds for immediate dismissal.

•    Regarding cell phone use:  Stop the walk. Move to the side of the street. Finish the call or text, then continue the walk

• All of BB’s property should be kept in an orderly fashion with proper identification tags and available to BB within 8 hours notice.

Independent Contractor Code of Conduct.

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